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Enter your email address below:. I added the volumes from the shared section of the finder sidebar to the Login Items for my user profile.

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Is there a similar utility to DAVE 2. I could then drop files into colleagues shared folders..

DAVE allowed me to see lots of computers, not just the one i mapped to. Sometimes and on some networks, OS X Yosemite is a bit less reliable with discovery on a local network, which is why we recommend pointing directly at an IP whenever possible, you can read more about that here:. This is some of the most annoying tool in the OSX.

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Is there something particular that you are trying to do with ssh that is not working? I use ssh and scp almost daily, and it seems to be fine.

Eight ways to connect to a server | Macworld

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2. Connect using an alias

Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Connect to a Server Often from Mac? Enter your email address below: Posted by: March 17, at Fritz says: March 17, at 1: Michael Vallance says: March 17, at 3: Paul says: March 17, at 4: March 18, at 1: Neil says: Type the address of the shared volume, or folder, you would like to mount, beginning with smb: Then click Connect.

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For example, if you are mounting your division's shared volume G: Type the user name and password you use to log in to the Cincinnati Children's network, and click OK:. You should be connected to the location you typed in step 3, and a volume icon should appear on your desktop:. To create an alias of the volume so that you can easily reconnect without repeating steps above, select the volume icon, go to the Finder menu bar and click File , then Make Alias:.

If you wish, rename the alias by clicking anywhere on the icon, then clicking the text beneath the icon.

How do I make a desktop shortcut out of a file server location

A textbox should appear, enabling you to modify the alias name:. For users looking to map drives on Windows, please see Mapping Drives Shared Folders on Windows Getting Access to a Drive After being granted access to a drive, you must restart your computer before mapping a drive to it.

10 Amazing Mac Shortcuts You Should Be Using

If you are denied access to a drive, please restart your computer and try mapping it again. Authorizers can grant access to users via the Permissions Manager. Authorizers do not automatically have access, but they can grant access to themselves.