F1 key not working mac

I simply need to use the fn key, in combination with F1 , F2 , F3 keys..

Function keys not working on Macbook Pro

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Any suggestions?! You mean they don't work at all? For example, if you press F11 in your browser it doesn't go fullscreen? Thank you for asking though GalmWing! Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. Thank you for your work, app is super cool, best looking monitor brightness manager on macOS nowdays.

Working fine with my Viewsonic and Dell. App starts at login, but f1-f2 keys still don't work for changing brightness. Or maybe there is another shortcut?


How to Use Your Mac Keyboard’s Top Row as Regular Function Keys

Some suggestions: Ability of changing order of displays in preferences. If function keys will work, let them listen for contrast change too. I use Karabiner-Elements to map my tilde key next to 1 to the "fn" key on a first-party Apple keyboard, so I can use them. Works flawlessly. However, I do wish to be able to change the order of displays as well because they did switch for me as well. I'll look into the function keys bug tomorrow if I have time or next weekend. My current setup is an Mbp with one external keyboard from Apple and one external monitor Asus PBQ so it's a little bit tricky for me to test all cases but I'll try.

For me without Karabiner installed both function keys and native keys are working so with or without the fn key pushed down. If it isn't for you please check that you have enabled the app in macOS Accessibility settings. If it's still not working, well…, I'll try to find what causes this and fix it in the next version. In my case, i have Mac Pro with third party displays and didn't have ability to control their brightness by keyboard from the start.

MonitorControl is enabled in Accessibility panel. Although app definitely highjacks these keys, because, with app running, I'm unable to control internal display brightness while I have a focus in a window on the external monitor which is an intended behavior AFAIK. I've uploaded a new version v1.

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One thing I noticed: I have an app SoundControl which replaces built-in volume control, it interprets hotkeys correctly: Fn-F11 is reduce volume, F11 is unaffected. I can link apps here on github that use brightness control hotkeys correctly, and use native hud as well if it would help.

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I'm having that issue too even when I have Function keys set to be standard in kraberiner. With my third party keyboard I set the tilde key to be Fn for the control but it's not working as F1 and F2 adjust brightness without the tilde key pressed.

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  • I use the standard keycodes for the function keys and capture the event directly from it. I did not test with karabiner but It may be what prevent your mapping from working, I'll look into that. And, yes falcn , MonitorControl hijacks those key because the lib I use is made to do that. It is the intended behavior as, for me, those key should only do that, but, you raise a good point being that it should work for you only if fn is pressed. Still not working for me.


    I have not Karabiner installed, app is allowed in security settings. Sliders controls works well for both displays but f1-f2 keys do nothing. Hmm nekrasovdmitriy ,. Can you please tell me a bit more, what keyboard do you have? Do you have the option "use F1, F2 etc as standard function keys" enabled? What macOS version are you on? Okay thats weird, I have the exact same setup right in front of me and it works What's your setup like?

    Mac Pro 5. Dell and ViewSonic. Pay attention, that my setup does not have native apple built-in display, as in iMac or Mbp, only third-party monitors. Maybe can it be a problem?

    How to use F1, F2, Etc keys on Mac

    Okay, thanks nekrasovdmitriy , I'll look into it asap. Just trying to help to pinpoint the issue. This does not work for me as well. Tested with both Karabiner-elements enabled and disabled.